About Me

My name is Erin Kutay, and I’m a doctor training to become a radiologist in Los Angeles. I have a bachelors in biochemistry from UCLA, a Masters in Public Health in Environmental Health from Columbia University, and an M.D. from Tulane University.  Two years ago, as I was graduating from medical school, I realized that the way I ate did not align with my values of living peacefully and healthfully.  I wanted to be able to recommend lifestyle and diet changes to my patients, instead of just prescribing pharmacological therapies, and I did not want to be a hypocrite while doing so. I transitioned to a vegan diet, because I learned that humans do not need to eat animals or their milk products to have complete nutrition.  Not only do we not need to eat them, but doing so harms our health, wreaks havoc on our planet, and makes us complicit to the atrocities brought upon sentient, innocent animals. It has been said that if humans had to kill their own animals to eat them, we would all be vegetarian.  Yet, does paying for someone else to kill an animal exonerate us of the suffering the animal endures for our pleasure?

Since I became mindful and changed my diet, my energy and happiness have increased tremendously.  Yes, my happiness increased, because I no longer endure the cognitive dissonance caused by living in discordance with my values of living a peaceful, healthy, and happy life. My blog is a product of several years of thought, nutrition and medical research, and perfecting recipes.  I hope you think about the facts I present, try the recipes, and find that eating these foods feels good and tastes better than you expected.